Poprad is a famous town often called „The High Tatras´s gate“. It is a cultural and business centre and an important point of junction. The town is located in south-western part of Popradska kotlina (dell) by the river Poprad. Approximately 200 years copper had been mined here. Than paper mills become first local manufactures. The year 1845 is a significant date for the town. A small business for making nails and horseshoes had been estabilished there. During the time the business has grown into today´s Tatramat, a great famous washing-machine factory. In Poprad´s centre you can see a Gothic church of St. Egida from 13rd century with wall paintings from 15th century or you may visit a Renaissance bell-tower from 1658.

City information centre MIK - Námestie sv. Egídia 43/86, 058 42 Poprad, tel.: +421 (0)52-161 86, +421 (0)52-43611 92, +421 (0)52-772 1394, e-mail:

Sight of PopradSight of Poprad
Sight of Poprad
Poprad - ChurchPoprad - Church
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Modern architecture